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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pelican Brief- Part 3

In civil litigation, there's something known as "preponderance of evidence" which essentially means more likely than not. I believe we have reached that tipping point, where the preponderance of evidence demonstrates that this Administration is following the PNAC's "Rebuilding of America's Defenses" plan using Leo Strauss' Philosophy of Deception. On page 51, a “catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor” was seen as necessary to set their plans in motion. I now join those who have been labeled as crackpots, like Charlie Sheen, who believe it is 'more likely than not' that 9/11 was an inside job and that this administration is complicit in the deaths of the 3,000 who died at the WTC. I've always had problems with the fact that the only three steel-structured buildings in history to collapse due to fire where the World Trade Center buildings. I guess I found it too hard to believe something so incredibly evil would be done by our government. However, it is not so hard to believe when you consider that this cabal thinks that what it has done is not only patriotic... but necessary. Necessary because of the oil dependence our country and economy has become dependent upon.

The latest in the building evidence comes from Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF in an article at prisonplanet.com:
"Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect
The former head of the Star Wars missile defense program under Presidents Ford and Carter has gone public to say that the official version of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory and his main suspect for the architect of the attack is Vice President Dick Cheney.......
Bowman outlined how the drills on the morning of 9/11 that simulated planes crashing into buildings on the east coast were used as a cover to dupe unwitting air defense personnel into not responding quickly enough to stop the attack".

The planned nuclear attack on Iran by the Bush Administration is yet again another fine example of this theory turned fact. We are once again being spoon-fed lies and exagerations to prop up support for an attack on a country that even wingnut Christopher Hitchens believes is a mistake. New Yorker investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reports that officers from the Joint Chiefs of Staff have "talked about resigning" because of all the "attention given to the nuclear option".

Our country has never been in graver danger, not from outside attack, but from a group of madmen at the top level of our government hell-bent on worldwide domination and power.

Funny how they manage to line their pockets at the same time (just in case you thought this was only about patriotism).


Blogger JasonSpalding said...

The fact is that either the west chooses to allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to develop the nuclear system that would allow for nuclear weapons or they don't. Bring on the apocalyptic rhetoric.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Robert M said...

jasonspalding said;
The fact is that either the west chooses to allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to develop the nuclear system that would allow for nuclear weapons or they don't.

1) They are 10 years away from having the bomb as explained here
2) They're not crazy- as Huchtins correctly points out (probably for the first time)
Assume that the Iranians are within measurable distance of nuclear status. Appearances sometimes to the contrary, they are not mad—or not clinically insane in the way that Saddam Hussein was and Kim Jong-il is. The recent fuss about the obliteration of Israel is largely bullshit: ... These people (who once bought weapons from Israel via Oliver North in order to fight Saddam Hussein) are cynical and corrupt. They know as well as you do what would happen if they tried to nuke Israel or the United States. They want the bomb as insurance against invasion and as a weapon of strategic ambiguity to shore up their position in the region.

But they have a crucial vulnerability on the inside. The overwhelmingly young population—an ironic result of the mullahs' attempt to increase the birth rate after the calamitous war with Iraq—is fed up with medieval rule. Unlike the hermetic societies of Baathist Iraq and North Korea, Iran has been forced to permit a lot of latitude to its citizens. A huge number of them have relatives in the West, access to satellite dishes and cell phones, and regular contact with neighboring societies. ... Opinion polling is a new science in Iran, but several believable surveys have shown that a huge majority converges on one point: that it is time to resume diplomatic relations with the United States....Within less than a decade, we might be negotiating with a whole new generation of Iranians. Iran would have less incentive to disrupt progress in Iraq (and we should not forget that it has been generally not unhelpful in Afghanistan). Eventually, Iran might have a domestic nuclear program (to which it is fully entitled and which would decrease its oil-dependency) and be ready to sign a nonproliferation agreement with enforceable and verifiable provisions.

3) I'm stunned you chose to disagree with me about Iran and not me calling Bush a murderer.

2:32 PM  

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