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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The "War on for Terror"

I think it's a well established fact by now that we were lied to about the reasons we invaded Iraq. If Democrats had not had the election stolen from them, Osama bin Laden would have been caught, tried and executed long ago and all of this would be a distant memory. I believe, as many do, the main underlying reason behind the invasion of Iraq is oil. Can you imagine the President going on TV and saying "Look, we're running out of oil. Our economy's well being is based 100% on oil being cheap and plentiful and those days are soon coming to an end. That is, unless we invade an oil-producing country to ensure we can continue our reckless lifestyle for about 30 years more before we run out. Hopefully, by then, someone will have invented a magical device we can all run our cars on as cheaply as oil"? Bush pretty much said so, with a wink and a nod to those in the know at his State of the Union address. He couldn't admit it openly but that was his meaning. After all, it's illegal and immoral to invade another country to steal it's natural resources but the fact remains that this plan has been long coming and the perfect opportunity arose on 9-11. Unfortunately, their scheme was run by Republicans, whose bungling and corruption has turned their diabolical but somewhat patriotic plot into something that resembles a clogged-up toilet at the bus station. Billions, that's billions with a 'B', have been stolen by those this administration put in charge of implementing their plan. Halliburton and Exxon have reported record profits and that's not counting the billions siphoned off under the table. Our tax dollars have gone to fund this rape of our Constitution and pillaging of our Treasury.
How is all of this even possible? That's the easy part. Fear. Bush doesn't want to capture Osama bin Laden (at least, not until it's politically convenient). For this evil plot (and I do mean EVIL) plot to work, ordinary Americans *must* be scared enough to do things theynormally wouldn't go along with. White America has already seen and heard the spread of foreign tounges and faces in their communities and they don't like it. Add in 9-11, and some bullshit rhetoric and you have the perfect recipe for a huge percentage of the American population to wrap their racism in a flag and follow their beloved leader like lemmins off a cliff into a disastrous and ill-planned war. As long as GWB can continue to dole out fear in the appropriate doses, all sorts of rights can be rescinded and all sorts of atrocities can be done in America's name without so much as a squeak of dissent coming from the Republican base, (those stalwart defenders of balanced budgets and smaller government). The supposedly thwarted attack on Los Angeles and the supposedly imminent threat from Iran are two recent examples. Sorry, I'm not buying any more bullshit- like a battered wife, too many lies have passed and I must now demand proof. Unfortunately, little more than half of Americans today dare to look at the stream of disinformation spewing from the Adminstration spigot through a lens of reality and clarity.
This 'war on terror' has a lot in common with our 'war on drugs'. When we first invaded Afghanistan, if we were serious about the 'war on drugs', we could have destroyed the entire opium crop and forced many addicts to confront their addiction cold-turkey and possibly become the better for it. Until America is willing to admit it's oil addiction is a problem and are willing to make meaningful changes, we will find ourselves further and further less capable of recovering from that crash when it comes.


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