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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's worse than you thought !!

Apparently, King George has gone way beyond the bounds of "wiretapping" and was instead datamining the communication streams AND sharing that information with other agencies.

First, the difference between datamining pattern analysis and traditional wiretapping is vastly different. A wiretap is a lot like fishing with a hook, line and pole. When I worked for the telephone company, I occasionally would come acrosss these devices attached to the copper pair of wires going to someone's home. Datamining using pattern analysis is more akin to a giant net dragging the vast ocean of information flowing from the US. The finer the mesh, the more fish are caught as well as millions of other fish, the unintended species called the bycatch. Surely, everyone remembers the dolphins being caught in tuna nets. Pattern analysis is similar to googling that stream of info and as most people know you get a lot of unintended results with that.

It appears ole' King George is googling the data streams (both voice and text) leaving the USA for keywords and then creating links between the results hoping to find some bad guys amongst the billions of results. Of course he can't go get warrants for millions of phone calls every day, this is why he has chosen to ignore the law. People, this IS Big Brother- monitoring everything being said and written in the hopes of catching somebody doing something wrong using 'the ends justify the means' reasoning. Problem with that is, it violates everything America stands for. By that reasoning, the terrorists are winning. Didn't this administration say that the terrorists hate our way of life? Well, our way of life is based on freedom, liberty and privacy, our right to be secure in our homes, against unreasonable search and seizure.

And now this from the WaPo;
But other agencies, one former official said, have used phone numbers or other records obtained from NSA in combination with wide-ranging databases to look for links and associations. "What data sets are included is a policy decision [made by individual agencies] when they involve other than terrorist links," he said.

So let me get this straight- other agencies, at their discretion, get to use the info collected for 'other than terrorist links' ? (Oh... like.... say, links to Democrats funding maybe)

This, my friends, is the sound of America dying.

(sorry I haven't posted much lately- been very sick)


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