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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Alito the Draft Dodger

Why is it that NONE of these fuckers ever served yet are so gung-ho to go to war? I guess when you're part of the ruling class, it's beneath you.

Attywood has an excellent post up about why this whole thing about CAP (Concerned Alumni of Princeton) is important. Alito is just another one of the many draft dodgers this administration is famous for. I won't bother quoting the post- you should read the whole thing- here.

Driftglass describes Bush and the facade known as Republican Party (bearing no resemblance to what it used to be) better than anyone. He calls Bush "an undeserving man to whom chance gave a shot at greatness, and whose small, mean soul let him piss it all away". WOW- what a perfect description.


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