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Monday, December 12, 2005

Young George Bush- the COWARD

It turns out that Mary Mapes, the CBS producer that was fired for reporting on W's "service" in the Texas National Guard, was right all along. In her new book, she details how critics and the freeper bloggers were wrong about the documents that no one, to this day, has proven were forged. In fact, Republicans today, admit that many people of privilege and power avoided the draft this way, as if that is supposed to make it right. In an interview with Hunter, Mapes provides more insight about the coward we call President of the United States and his "privileged youth, his access to special treatment, his empathy (or lack of it) for less advantaged individuals ".

It should come as no surprise that spoiled rich kids receive special treatment. However, in a time of war, equal treatment for all should be the rule of day. And certainly, those people shouldn't be in charge of sending those less fortunate off to war. It could be argued that
because they have received special treatment in the past, they should be the first to go to war. I guarantee you there would be fewer calls for war if these spoiled brats asses were on the line.

"It troubles me that Bush's aborted service in the Guard has been used repeatedly to help create the myth about who this man is. He is not a swaggering former fighter pilot. He is a lucky rich kid who was handed the keys to an Air Force jet the way some kids get handed the keys to a sports car. He flew as long as it was fun and would keep him out of the real war. He quit showing up when he lost his nerve, his interest, or his control over his carousing."

Couldn't have said it better myself


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