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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Democracy's Last Stand

An excerpt from Chris Floyd's The Last Stand of the American Republic;

That's why the spy scandal is so pivotal. Because it is a direct, open and unignorable challenge to the institutional life of the American Establishment. In it, the Bush Regime is saying to the various powers-that-be, especially in Congress and the courts, but also to centers of power and influence outside government: you no longer have any power. All real power is now in our gift. Your laws, your institutions, your traditions, the whole complex infrastructure of checks and balances that have sustained society are now essentially meaningless. As in ancient Rome, we will keep the old forms, but the life of the state has now passed into the hands of the autocrat and his court. His arbitrary will can override any law -- although of course, strong law will still be applied to his enemies, and to the riff-raff in the lower orders.

This is Congress's last chance to redeem itself, to prove that it believes in our way of life, our government, our Constitution, our laws. If they choose to ignore the willful law breaking of King George the Fucktard, then they have shown themselves to be nothing more than traitors. Oh how they bray about establishing 'democracy' in Iraq (despite reality showing it's a theocracy now with a state religion) but when it comes down to it, will they show their true selves? Will they show themselves to have something more than the balls of a gnat OR will they just roll over and show us the fish-white belly of the cowards I suspect they are?

To ignore this crime goes way beyond the pale and essentially establishes an autocratic rule. They (meaning those elected
Echinococcus officials) better be damn sure that they want to go down this road cus' it'll damn sure come back and bite them on the ass like a pit bull that won't let go in the long run. The more the Republicans cheat, lie and steal, the more difficult it will be for them to cry foul in the future (although I'm quite sure they will weep like little girls ... a la Duke Cunningham). What bothers me most is- How much more crap are the American people going to put up with? How ______ (insert pejorative here; stupid, moronic, imbecilic) do you have to be to not be red-faced screaming angry about being lied to, robbed, spied on, cheated and shit on? I feel like Danny Thomas, waiting for the next turd to drop. What crime will be exposed tommorow and ignored? Does Bush have to come to your house and rob your safe while Cheney fucks your teenage daughter for the middle-of-the-road masses to wake up and smell the 'work camps'?
I fear we are going to get the country we deserve and that is one fucked-up picture.


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