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Thursday, November 17, 2005

How and Why

Let's see if I can piece together a short piece on how and why we are at war today.

Many people today are "absolutely terrified by a phenomenon known as global "Peak Oil" and rightly so. Oil will soon start to run out and oil companies are acutely aware of that. So what is it they can do to keep the profits coming in? Well, with a sympathetic Dick Cheney, and an adminsitration deeply involved with the likes of the PNAC , why not just take the damn oil? After all, we're the only superpower left in the world, aren't we? All they had to do is convince the American public that one of the countries (Saudia Arabia, Iraq and Iran) that holds 'our' oil is a threat to us. Of course, what Bush needed was for another Pearl Harbor to happen to get the American people to agree to a war and he couldn't very well just wait around for it. He needed to make things happen quickl, help his brother, Marvin, provided. 9/11 made that all too easy. Which really isn't surprising considering how much the average American knows about the geography of the Middle East. "They're all jus' a bunch of dang towel heads over there anyway, ain't they?" .

Certainly, no American politician would dare take a stance that appeared to be 'for the enemy' even if that enemy had nothing to do with 9/11. Of course, Saddam Hussein was a bad man who, unlike us, uses chemical weapons to fight his battles. With the Democrats thoroughly pussy-whipped and lead on by intelligence lies and an upcoming election, they took the brave stance of doing exactly NOTHING.

So here we are, ass deep in a mess of shit, because while they figured out how to get us into a war, they never took into consideration exactly how to get out. The thought that terrifies me the most is that this IS actually their plan, to perpetuating a continual war, to vanquish all who would stand in their way. a plan of total world domination.