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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Why Bush MAY be actually good for America

As hard as it may be to believe, Bush may actually be good for America. It's possible and here is why I think so. The further these nutjobs and Christopaths that are in power now go in destroying the foundation of America with their twisted ideology, the further the pendulum will swing in the right direction when people get fed up with their crap. Let's say things continue on the path we are now on. The rest of the world sees what total imperialists we have become, the Chinese are buying us out left and right, we're destroying our moral position with the world, we are becoming a service society (neither manufacturing nor producing and we're even losing the innovation and design leadership we once had), our people have deluded themselves into believing a 2000 year mythology is actually literal. And then there's the enevitable downturn our country will take with these insane deficits (conservative, my ass).

Let's take the example of pot and compare it with the reality of where it stands in the world. Most advanced cultures realize it poses little harm to society and were it not for the bullying of the US, it would have been legalized in many countries. As we lose our position of strength with these countries by this administrations' hubris and it's policy on pre-emptive war, these countries realize we are no longer the great power we once were. They have seen the reaction to Hurricane Katrina by our bumbling and incompetent leaders and soon they will start to act on their own behalf, no longer beholdin' to what our leaders think of marijuana. When Canada becomes a leading provider of oil to the US, I don't see them following our drug policies much longer.

The same goes for religion. They have seen us jump off the cliff of logic and abandoned reasonable thought in favor of a watered down version of ancient text to rule our lives. Our pitiful education system is under attack by these wingnuts and if they have their way, science and
reason will take a backseat to beliefs. We are already behind in genetics and when the big breakthroughs come, we will be paying other countries for their innovative technologies and foresight.

Other countries are investing heavily in education and as their economies level out with ours, we will begin to see a sea change in their attitude toward us. That change in the tide is not exactly great news for us, but it WILL REQUIRE a return to what is important to this country. Level-headed, responsible leadership.

Now let's say that Roe v. Wade gets overturned. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I forsee a WHOLE LOT of pissed off women taking some serious action to get Democrats back into office. As the white male becomes closer to a minority (what with the birth rates of hispanics and blacks), I predict that congress will become much more colorful, so to speak. And when this happens, I also predict a constitutional amendment written in stone, forever banning anybody from telling a woman (or man) what to do with her/his body. This would include a right to die with dignity along with host of other basic humen rights.

The saying goes-Give 'em enough rope and they'll hang themselves. And they've tied themselves some pretty fancy knots lately.

OR... it could be that he's just got soup on his head


Anonymous atheist said...

I agree and try to remember this whenever I get too depressed! Bush is so bad, he's good!

6:51 PM  

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