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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Freeh Basing

Former FBI director and total ass-wipe Louis Freeh was on Meet The Press today. Here is a man that wasted many years and millions of dollars investigating Bill Clinton's penis when he should have been doing his JOB. He was on the show hawking his piece-o-crap book-o-lies and passing the buck fast and furiously. Here is another example of the Bush mentality; nothing is ever his fault, it's always somebody else. Pass the buck or lie to our faces, it doesn't matter to these smug Rethuglicans. They know their sheeple base will never check on the facts.
I fully expect Rush, Doper King of the Dopes and Dunderheads, to be repeating this vomicus tommorow verbatim.

He must be kin to SouthPark's Cartman and shoving food up his ass because tons of turds came out of his mouth during the interview. When challenged with the facts, his smug replies were filled with misdirection, red herrings and flat out lies (your typical Red State politiCo. fucktard behavior).
How bout this Louie? YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE YOUR FUCKING JOB and gone after Bin Laden like Clinton requested you to, instead of waiting till after the election. He increased your budget 58% but you chose to spend the money smearing him any way you could and that puts the failure of 9/11 square on your shoulders, butthead. IF you had done your job, maybe it never would have happened at all. I fail to see how these vermin can sleep at night knowing the damage they have done to our country. How un-patriotic and
narcissistic do you have to be to turn around now and try to make a buck off of that tragedy, that failure of action on your part?

When the coming recession reaches it's zenith, I've no doubt it'll all... be.... Clinton's fault. Gimme a fuckin' break.

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