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Monday, October 24, 2005

The Essence Of Bush

In a scientific breakthrough
, I have taken All That Is Bush (BFEE, GOP, PNAC, RNC and other assorted radical elements) and collated, sifted, boiled and reduced, run through a fine sieve and then through the missing uranium enriching centrifuge made from the aluminum tubes Saddam bought and have discovered what I believe to be The Essesence Of Bush, a new eau-de-toilet (or sewer gas, whichever you prefer).

It's called " BPPLASCLPGIAGBFF ", an unpronounceable word only Prince would appreciate.

It stands for;
Bullshit, Plot, Plan, Lie, Attack, Smear, Coverup, Lie-some-more, Perjure, GetIndicted, AdmitGuilt and then Beg for Forgiveness (after all it's just a little Christian mistake isn't it?)

  • Way back in the mid-80's when Scoop Jackson and Richard Perle were Bullshitting about Israel and the Middle East, some ideas came forward
  • and a Plot came forth from the PNAC and the AEI that by 1998
  • had become a Plan
  • But for that plan to work the American people would have to be Lied to and when that goal was accomplished
  • the Attack began and we invaded a country based on lies. Not everyone was happy being lied to and some spoke out about the truth and that's when the Smear began. Unfortunately for the liars, they commited crimes in outing a CIA agent and
  • thus began a Coverup and more crimes. "Oh what a tangled web we weave.." Naturally, they did what all good politicians do when confronted with the truth, Lie Some More !
  • But many people got fed up with the bull and demanded an investigation, where the Liars told MORE Lies and thus Perjured themselves.
  • Of course, they've gotten themselves Indicted (and hopefully convicted)
  • So, their only recourse will be something COMPLETELY contrary to them and that is admit Guilt and Beg for Forgiveness Swaggert-style.
No one knows yet how this new element, " BPPLASCLPGIAGBFF ", will react to the light of day. It's quite possible it will burst into flames and destroy everything around it OR the more expected reaction- Not Fucking Much.


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