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Monday, October 24, 2005

The Essence Of Bush

In a scientific breakthrough
, I have taken All That Is Bush (BFEE, GOP, PNAC, RNC and other assorted radical elements) and collated, sifted, boiled and reduced, run through a fine sieve and then through the missing uranium enriching centrifuge made from the aluminum tubes Saddam bought and have discovered what I believe to be The Essesence Of Bush, a new eau-de-toilet (or sewer gas, whichever you prefer).

It's called " BPPLASCLPGIAGBFF ", an unpronounceable word only Prince would appreciate.

It stands for;
Bullshit, Plot, Plan, Lie, Attack, Smear, Coverup, Lie-some-more, Perjure, GetIndicted, AdmitGuilt and then Beg for Forgiveness (after all it's just a little Christian mistake isn't it?)

  • Way back in the mid-80's when Scoop Jackson and Richard Perle were Bullshitting about Israel and the Middle East, some ideas came forward
  • and a Plot came forth from the PNAC and the AEI that by 1998
  • had become a Plan
  • But for that plan to work the American people would have to be Lied to and when that goal was accomplished
  • the Attack began and we invaded a country based on lies. Not everyone was happy being lied to and some spoke out about the truth and that's when the Smear began. Unfortunately for the liars, they commited crimes in outing a CIA agent and
  • thus began a Coverup and more crimes. "Oh what a tangled web we weave.." Naturally, they did what all good politicians do when confronted with the truth, Lie Some More !
  • But many people got fed up with the bull and demanded an investigation, where the Liars told MORE Lies and thus Perjured themselves.
  • Of course, they've gotten themselves Indicted (and hopefully convicted)
  • So, their only recourse will be something COMPLETELY contrary to them and that is admit Guilt and Beg for Forgiveness Swaggert-style.
No one knows yet how this new element, " BPPLASCLPGIAGBFF ", will react to the light of day. It's quite possible it will burst into flames and destroy everything around it OR the more expected reaction- Not Fucking Much.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Butcher of Washington

Last night, the always informative PBS show 'Frontline', ran a story on the torture policy of the Iraq war. What is clear to me is that Donald Rumsfeld should be forever remembered as the "Butcher of Washington". He is the one that was (is) pushing so hard to extract information , by any means, from people. He fails to realize many things WRONG with this policy. 1) It's immoral. 2) It is the opposite of what this country is about. 3) As Sen. McCain will tell you, do unto others as you would have them do unto you (as in we have no right to bitch when our guys are get badly fucked over when they get captured). 4) A large percentage of the people detained and tortured/abused are either low-level grunts that have very little information to give or have nothing at all to do with the war and are simply innocent victims. 5) Torture rarely produces reliable info from the persons that are detained that ARE truly bad people. 6) You cannot change a country's 'hearts and minds' by doing the same thing Saddam did to them (and in the same prison to boot!) . 7) and what about the damage done to our soldiers, to carry out this brutality to civilians. Are we breeding psychological problems that society will have to deal with for years to come. I'll be the first to admit war is hell and killing has to be done to survive but one has to keep a sense of humanity to survive as well. This is not about a few bad apples as Frontline pointed out, as these tactics are being carried out all over the region. This is the policy.

If I had been the victim of this policy, I would make it my life's work to destroy those responsible. Hmmm..... I see I'm not the only one that feels this way (hence the ever increasing numbers of 'insurgents').

"Stay the Course" has been the motto of this adminstration for quite some time now. This is a core problem with today's neo-cons; their refusal to change course even in the face of irrefutable evidence that the route chosen to change the Iraqi regime will end in disaster. How can people so obviously smart be so absolutely stupid, so out of touch with reality ? The PNAC's plan to change the Middle East is disturbing to say the least. What incredible hubris, what arrogance, what pure EVIL.

So it seems quite fitting that the architect of this war, the Butcher of Washington, would be unable to accept that his plan has and will continue to be a failure. An inept, bungling disaster. He knows no other option than Stay The Course. We were lied to, into believing this war would take months. Whether we are there for 1 year or 10 years more, it will never be what the PNAC had planned.

You will hear supporters say that the Democrats have no solution, no plan. I don't believe that to be true. You will hear plenty of plans to finish this mess in '06 and definitely in '08. Look, the Republicans are in control of all three branches and this is their mess. I hate to say it but if a Democrat put out a plan, the Repubs would steal it, claim it as their own and in the long run this would keep them in power longer allowing them even more time to screw up this country. There's no benefit in helping them fix their mess. Not until the people that voted these criminals into office (you know the ones, those mental giants whose deepest thought of the day is looking at a Twinkie and thinking "I'm gonna turn you into poo") get fed up with the disaster they created will change come- only by voting Republicans out of office. And yes, a lot of corrupted Democrats voted for the war too. Some just believed the lies but others need to be voted out as well. There will be a time for that as well.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Act like you got some smarts

I was over at driftglass and came across this; "Is anyone familiar with the saying from Twain that goes, “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt?”". I had an argument last night with a golfin' buddy. He is one of those 'independent' type people but are actually Repuke-lican wingnuts. He was spouting off all about Iraq and blah, blah, blah. I grew tired of it and just flat out called him on it. "Tell me what are the three factions in Iraq" I said, trying to make him see that they are on the verge of a civil war there and things are much more complicated than his simplistic line-o-crap. "Uh, uh, uh Sunni is uh, um one of 'em". See, this is what I hate about these fucktards that listen to the Glenn Beck, Mike Savage, Rush Limp-paw Trio. They know enough to parrot the talking bobble-heads but don't do ANY research on their own to get some perspective. And NO, listening to CarTalk on NPR doesn't qualify.

This is exactly what is wrong with this country and why we are in the mess we are in. Too many people listen to some shit-for-brains and then think they know ALL about something. No questioning, no examination of the facts- just 'it was on Hannity and Colmes so it must be true'. I can't tell you how many times I've caught this person repeating yet another fucking lie and I have to call him on it. HEY STUPID, look it up before opening mouth and inserting foot.

By the way folks, if you're gonna call yourselves compassionate conservatives then you'd better start acting like it 'cause I'm just gonna laugh in your face from now on. You're neither compassionate (Katrina) nor conservative (the deficit). This reminds me about a line from the Andy Griffith show- "From now on, act like you got some smarts".

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Freeh Basing

Former FBI director and total ass-wipe Louis Freeh was on Meet The Press today. Here is a man that wasted many years and millions of dollars investigating Bill Clinton's penis when he should have been doing his JOB. He was on the show hawking his piece-o-crap book-o-lies and passing the buck fast and furiously. Here is another example of the Bush mentality; nothing is ever his fault, it's always somebody else. Pass the buck or lie to our faces, it doesn't matter to these smug Rethuglicans. They know their sheeple base will never check on the facts.
I fully expect Rush, Doper King of the Dopes and Dunderheads, to be repeating this vomicus tommorow verbatim.

He must be kin to SouthPark's Cartman and shoving food up his ass because tons of turds came out of his mouth during the interview. When challenged with the facts, his smug replies were filled with misdirection, red herrings and flat out lies (your typical Red State politiCo. fucktard behavior).
How bout this Louie? YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE YOUR FUCKING JOB and gone after Bin Laden like Clinton requested you to, instead of waiting till after the election. He increased your budget 58% but you chose to spend the money smearing him any way you could and that puts the failure of 9/11 square on your shoulders, butthead. IF you had done your job, maybe it never would have happened at all. I fail to see how these vermin can sleep at night knowing the damage they have done to our country. How un-patriotic and
narcissistic do you have to be to turn around now and try to make a buck off of that tragedy, that failure of action on your part?

When the coming recession reaches it's zenith, I've no doubt it'll all... be.... Clinton's fault. Gimme a fuckin' break.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Why Bush MAY be actually good for America

As hard as it may be to believe, Bush may actually be good for America. It's possible and here is why I think so. The further these nutjobs and Christopaths that are in power now go in destroying the foundation of America with their twisted ideology, the further the pendulum will swing in the right direction when people get fed up with their crap. Let's say things continue on the path we are now on. The rest of the world sees what total imperialists we have become, the Chinese are buying us out left and right, we're destroying our moral position with the world, we are becoming a service society (neither manufacturing nor producing and we're even losing the innovation and design leadership we once had), our people have deluded themselves into believing a 2000 year mythology is actually literal. And then there's the enevitable downturn our country will take with these insane deficits (conservative, my ass).

Let's take the example of pot and compare it with the reality of where it stands in the world. Most advanced cultures realize it poses little harm to society and were it not for the bullying of the US, it would have been legalized in many countries. As we lose our position of strength with these countries by this administrations' hubris and it's policy on pre-emptive war, these countries realize we are no longer the great power we once were. They have seen the reaction to Hurricane Katrina by our bumbling and incompetent leaders and soon they will start to act on their own behalf, no longer beholdin' to what our leaders think of marijuana. When Canada becomes a leading provider of oil to the US, I don't see them following our drug policies much longer.

The same goes for religion. They have seen us jump off the cliff of logic and abandoned reasonable thought in favor of a watered down version of ancient text to rule our lives. Our pitiful education system is under attack by these wingnuts and if they have their way, science and
reason will take a backseat to beliefs. We are already behind in genetics and when the big breakthroughs come, we will be paying other countries for their innovative technologies and foresight.

Other countries are investing heavily in education and as their economies level out with ours, we will begin to see a sea change in their attitude toward us. That change in the tide is not exactly great news for us, but it WILL REQUIRE a return to what is important to this country. Level-headed, responsible leadership.

Now let's say that Roe v. Wade gets overturned. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I forsee a WHOLE LOT of pissed off women taking some serious action to get Democrats back into office. As the white male becomes closer to a minority (what with the birth rates of hispanics and blacks), I predict that congress will become much more colorful, so to speak. And when this happens, I also predict a constitutional amendment written in stone, forever banning anybody from telling a woman (or man) what to do with her/his body. This would include a right to die with dignity along with host of other basic humen rights.

The saying goes-Give 'em enough rope and they'll hang themselves. And they've tied themselves some pretty fancy knots lately.

OR... it could be that he's just got soup on his head

Friday, October 14, 2005

To all the mentally strip-mined flag-wavers out there who voted for Bush:


You have done irreparable harm to our country.

Your irresponsible jingoism and misguided behavioris nothing short of traitorous. Sad, pathetic people so full of hate and ignorance, you don't even know where Australia is on a map. Normally, I wouldn't give a DAMN what you do, after all, I'm an American and I BELIEVE in free speech but your blind allegiance to your Presididn't has made ALL Americans suffer needlessly. Inflation, war, high gas prices, loss of freedom and privacy, LESS security ....and on and on and on.

Thanks a lot, dumbasses.

You make me ashamed to be part of the same race because it seems every bobble head on TV spewing vile, moronic crap is a middle-aged white male who has never understood a damn thing outside their own state, much less outside the U.S. It's always me, me, me and screw the rest of the world as long as I get mine. You're in for a rude awakening, you dim-witted hics, because the Repugnican party doesn't give a damn about you and yours. Why? Because the wealthiest 1% of the country got what they wanted from Bush (he's doin a heckuva job) and they don't give a damn about you.Never did, either! You lapped up the Bushkakke like a starving Ethiopian and now that they're through using you like a 2 dollar whore, it's back to the cold streets, dufus. Except now, your company has downsized and shipped your job overseas. And because their greed knows no bounds, prices keep on going up. And soon your kids are going to pay for the trillion dollar deficit the crooks you elected have run up (probably by working at McD's because those will be the only jobs left when you can't afford to send 'em to college).